Monday, 28 May 2007

Chun Li wants back her title as the World's Strongest Woman. Cammy had destroyed Chun Li with her new wondermove, the Hooligan Combination, which left Chun Li totally overwhelmed and subdued the last time they met. Never had Chun Li suffered such a humiliating defeat is her illustrious street fighting career all the years. Not only she defeated M. Bison, but the Shoto clones Ryu, Ken and Dan were no match for her. Yet Cammy, a young girl, had defeated her with a humiliating submission move.

Defying gravity, Chun Li flipped over and twirl her beautiful legs, creating a powerful Spinning Bird Kick. Cammy, suprised by the strength of the Spinning Bird Kick this time round, tried to block it. But the raw power of Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick created a typhoon which sucked her straight into the radius of Chun Li's kicks. With a blink of an eye, Cammy felt pain, the pain from the slaps of the Spinning Bird Kick by Chun Li's boots. Chun Li laughed, "Awww Cammy, bet you didnt experience foot slapping before!"

Cammy, hardened by years of close combat, ignored Chun Li's taunts and ducked under the kicks. Chun Li, realizing that Cammy had found out the weakness of the Spinning Bird Kick, quickly retracted the kicks to prevent herself from being open to Cammy's attacks. Too late. Cammy rammed a powerful roundhouse kick into Chun Li's chest. But this time, Chun Li recovered fast enough to retaliate with her Lightning Kicks. Fast as she might be, Cammy is even faster. Disappearing into the thin air in the midst of the Lightning Kicks, Cammy appeared in front of Chun Li, unharmed. Out of desperation, Chun Li threw out a strong roundhouse kick at Cammy's face. Again, the kick missed.

"Ooh Chun Li, nice pink panties you have there!" Cammy winked at Chun Li, giving her a cheeky smile. It was actually her ploy to wind Chun Li up. Chun Li, falling to Cammy's intelligence, quickly retract her legs, leaving her open to Cammy's devastation soon after. Cammy, making full use of Chun Li's hesistance, grabbed her and slammed her onto the ground with a German Suplex. Again, Chun Li had no answer to Cammy's beautiful and deadly array of submission moves. As Chun Li's head smashed onto the ground, she felt a sharp pain running through her body. "No, I must survive! I must not let her defeat me like this!!!" Thoughts like these ran through Chun Li's mind at light speed.

"Ooh a majestic end to your pathetic existence!" exclaimed Cammy as she flipped herself up elegantly after releasing Chun Li from her German Suplex. Looking at Chun Li's still body, she prepared to leave when suddenly, she saw Chun Li's arm slowly moving. Chun Li hasnt given up!

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Cammy is not a woman.
She is actually a machine made from the bison.

Because is cammy weak and is minor?
Wildly enthusiastic fans get seeing all members crazy!!!

This is a doubt in me...

losercammy(machine) is a minor and a supporting playerLOL

But,QUEENCHUN-LI is the most strongest woman in? the world^O^!!!!!!!

This is common sense.
No one can be negative it.

Anonymous said...

people say that cammy is a tragic character becase she is brainwashed by Shadaloo thug. In SSF4 cammy seriously injured in the fight against C.V
And more cammy always ranks second place(not to mention 1st is Chun-li)
in comics formaly published by UDON(issue♯11) cammy lost the fight against chun-li.LOL

It's only natural that capcom made the fact 「Chun-li is the strongest woman in the world」 public.
At least 1,000,000 people knows this matter!! yeah Thanks.